The “Stretching It” Department

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Come on, seriously?
Poor data quality and Hurricane Irene

Adopting Social Media

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Just to prove to a content aggregator that I am serious about social media, I am putting this code:


inside a blog post.

Practitioner’s Guide to DQ – On Sale at Amazon

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I frequently monitor the price of my books on Amazon and noticed that this afternoon the Practitioner’s Guide to Data Quality Improvement was selling for $33.45, which is a discount of 44%. If you have been waiting to buy the book, now isĀ  a good time. This is the lowest price I have seen so far.

Here are some aspects I have tried to cover in the book:

  • The ability to build a business case for instituting a data quality program;
  • Assessing levels of data quality maturity;
  • The guidelines and techniques for evaluating data quality and identifying metrics related to the achievement of business objectives;
  • The techniques for measuring, reporting, and taking action based on these metrics; and
  • The policies and processes used in exploiting data quality tools and technologies for data quality improvement

Cloud Computing and Data Security

At the recent DGIQ (Data Governance and Information Quality) conference, I had the opportunity to chat with Ian Rowlands, Senior Director of Strategy at ASG about historical trends in computing. In particular, we discussed how concepts such as centralization and distribution have come into and then out of vogue, as I pointed out that the new trend towards the “cloud” was essentially a re-boot of the old concept of time sharing on a mainframe.

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Reflections on DGIQ 2011 – Evolving Data Quality

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Just got back from the Data Governance and Data Quality conference in San Diego, and here are some quick reflections:

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