Things I Want to Know About Customers

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Since it has been a while since I posted to this blog (busy, busy – but busy is good!), I decided to take a break this morning and log some ideas that basically relate quality information to customer visibility. Read more

TDWI Solution Summit: Master Data, Quality, and Governance

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I am honored to be one of the co-moderators of the upcoming TDWI Solution Summit on Master Data, Quality, and Governance, to be held March 4-6 in Savannah, GA. I attended one of these events in the past, met a lot of people currently engaged in launching an MDM project, but this year I have helped to find some cases studies that focus on master data as a result of good data quality and governance techniques, not the driver. Please go to the web site and check it out, then apply to be a delegate! Hope to see you there!

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I have a friend in the neighborhood, and coincidentally he shares a name with another person who also lives in our neighborhood. As a joke, while I refer to my friend by his name (say for argument’s sake it is “Arnie Hollingsworth”), I refer to the other guy as “The Other Arnie Hollingsworth.”

Read more

David Loshin/Initiate Paper on Patient Identification In Health Care

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Back in 2007 I wrote a paper for Initiate Systems, which is now owned by IBM, titled “Patient Identification in Interoperable Health Systems.”  I had some trouble tracking that down, but I do recall thinking it had some valuable ideas in it and thought that I would archive it here if you are interested in reading it.

Residual Curioisty: What is Master Data?

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The other day, my friends at the Business Intelligence Network (where I have a monthly column) shared some web site statistics with me. I was not surprise to see that for each of the previous three months the most popular pages visited were my most recent columns. I was surprised, though, to see that in each of the past three months one specific article was listed as one of the top three pages.

That article, written more than five years ago, was called “Defining Master Data.” In that article I tried to provide a definition of master data, since at the time I had not found one that I thought to be satisfactory. It also has me curious again: does the article provide a good enough description? I am sure that things, as well as my opinion, have changed somewhat, so I intend to revisit the topic in some of my upcoming posts. Stay tuned…

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