Business Considerations: Using Data Replication for Operational Synchronization

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Continuing dependence on system interoperability for data synchronization, coupled with rapid acceleration of data volume growth combine to create growing challenges associated with data consistency, accuracy, and reliability. Without a strategy for enabling operational synchronization, your organization risks not having the ability to support those critical real-time activities that business processes increasingly demand. Read more

Using Data Replication to Enable Operational Synchronization

In my last post, we looked at some common use cases for operational synchronization, and each of those examples were effectively abstractions of scenarios in which there is benefit in establishing consistency and currency among either logically or physically distinct data assets. For example, creating a holistic and complete view of shared data entities is critical to any distributed master data management repository or distributed identity management service. Read more

Use Cases for Operational Synchronization

In my last post, I introduced the need for operational synchronization, focusing on the characteristics necessary for a reasonable methodology for implementation. In this post, it is worth examining some example use cases that demonstrate the utility of operational synchronization in a more concrete way. Read more

The Need for Operational Synchronization

Over time, organizations have employed a variety of strategies for managing data assets in accordance with the specific needs of the different business applications in operation. For the most part, applications were designed to achieve specific objectives within each business function. Correspondingly, any data necessary for the business function would be managed locally, while any data deemed critical to the organization would be subsumed into a centralized repository.

Yet this approach to centralizing data has come under scrutiny. Read more

Criteria for a Data Replication Solution

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In my last post we looked at the environmental drivers for the assessment criteria for a data replication solution, including environmental complexity, the need for application availability, the need to accommodate different types of systems and models, the growing volumes of data, and going beyond a point-to-point set of solutions. As I suggested, these frame the dimensions by which one might scope a data replication solution, and in conversations with both Ash Parikh and Terry Simonds from Informatica (here is the third installment of that conversation), we shared some thoughts about how they are approaching these dimensions in ways that reduce costs, speed delivery, and limit risk: Read more

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