The Validity of Value Validation

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I have nothing against data validation as a general practice. In fact, I might claim to be one of the more forceful proponents of validation as a practical methodology, having written a book that has guided the development of automated data validation tools. Yet validation only provides one level of trust when it comes to evaluating the quality of information.  Read more

Gonna Go Back in Time?

The other day Jim Harris posted an article about time travel and retroactive data quality. The clever piece, which adapts popular cultural icons (well, maybe not icons, but TV shows and movies) within a data quality context, got me thinking about a real information quality problem that is probably pretty ubiquitous across any organization using a data warehouse and business intelligence tools.

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Standards for “Meaningful Use” Before Semantics

March 23, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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I had done some talks on health care business intelligence and data quality. This morning I was pointed to a short article about health care and data in which the claim was made that the “health care field is fertile ground for semantic tech.” In the article, a reference to NIEM (the National Information Exchange Model) was made suggesting a “greater use of semantics.” Former Fed and now CTO at Accelerated Information Management Michael Daconta is quoted as saying that “the federal government’s ‘meaningful use’ directive, which focuses on the adoption of electronic health records, calls for decision support.”

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Recommended Data Quality Books

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I am putting together a list of book recommendations for the data quality practitioner, and have added a page link on the web site’s Page Link bar. Click here for a direct link.

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