Response to “Eight Problems with Big Data”

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After reading Jay Stanley’s ACLU article on “Eight Problems with Big Data,” it is worth reflecting on what could be construed as a fear-mongering indictment of the use of big data analytics and the implication that big data analytics and its implementation of data mining algorithms are tantamount to all-out invasion of privacy. What is interesting, though, is the presumption that privacy advocates have been “grappling” with data mining since “not long after 9/11,” yet data mining was already quite a mature discipline by that point in time, as was the general use of customer data for marketing, sales, and other business purposes. Raising an alarm about “big data” and “data mining” today is akin to shutting the barn door decades after the horses have bolted. Read more

Data Governance and Quality: Data Reuse vs. Data Repurposing

February 22, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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I have been assembling a slide deck for an upcoming TDWI web seminar on Strategic Planning and the World of Big Data, and I am finding that I might sometimes use two different terms (“data reuse” and “data repurposing,” in case you ignored the tootle of this post) interchangeably when in fact those two words could have slightly different meanings or intents. So should I be cavalier and use them as synonyms?

When I thought about it, I did see some clarity in differentiating the definitions:

  • “data reuse” means taking a data asset and using more than once for the same purpose.
  • “data repurposing” means taking a data asset previously used for one (or more) specific purpose(s) and using that data set four a completely different purpose. Read more

Things I Want to Know About Customers

January 16, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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Since it has been a while since I posted to this blog (busy, busy – but busy is good!), I decided to take a break this morning and log some ideas that basically relate quality information to customer visibility. Read more

Local Businesses, Social Coupons, and Customer Management

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Last week I shared some thoughts about the popularity of local social network sites working with small businesses to issue coupons to drive new customer acquisition and in-store cross- and upselling. While I questioned the value, it is clearly a phenomenon that does seem to appeal to both the customer community and a number of businesses.

So my next question is about customer management: as a local business owner, how can you monitor the success of your coupon program in terms of measuring new customer acquisition and upselling?

Read more

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