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Proposing a Master Data Domain for Collaborative Alignment : The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement

Proposing a Master Data Domain for Collaborative Alignment

March 24, 2011 by
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If you believe that there is business value in creating a unified view of a particular data concept and therefore create a master data asset for it, what would the first step be? I suggest that you would need to propose the creation of the master data domain to a data governance committee, who would evaluate the costs and benefits prior to initiating the sequence of tasks needed to materialize a master repository.

You should provide a high level overview of what the domain is as well as a cursory justification for the effort necessary to perform the integration/alignment. The proposal would have to clearly define what the core data entity is, list the shared data element concepts, and describe the need for the entity’s unification. That would probably encompass a number of specific items:

1)      A clear definition of the master domain

2)      A list of proposed business process, application, functional operation, or data product consumers of data from that domain along with a description of how the proposed master domain is used

3)      Reasons why the absence of a unified or aligned view impacts the consumers

4)      A list of existing sources for that data domain

5)      Potential benefits of creating a unified or aligned view

The data governance committee would need evaluation criteria for each of the items in the proposal, and would need to score each component accordingly. Ultimately, the list of benefits would encompass both the operational efficiencies, cost savings for reduced use of resources, and improvements for areas of value. These would also be balanced against time to production and time to value. Can all this stuff be put into a master data domain proposal?


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  1. Karen Piper on Sun, 24th Nov 2013 12:22 PM
  2. Taking an enterprise architecture course and we are discussing data domains and aligning them to business capabilities.