Residual Curioisty: What is Master Data?

June 21, 2011 by
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The other day, my friends at the Business Intelligence Network (where I have a monthly column) shared some web site statistics with me. I was not surprise to see that for each of the previous three months the most popular pages visited were my most recent columns. I was surprised, though, to see that in each of the past three months one specific article was listed as one of the top three pages.

That article, written more than five years ago, was called “Defining Master Data.” In that article I tried to provide a definition of master data, since at the time I had not found one that I thought to be satisfactory. It also has me curious again: does the article provide a good enough description? I am sure that things, as well as my opinion, have changed somewhat, so I intend to revisit the topic in some of my upcoming posts. Stay tuned…


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