Reflections on DGIQ 2011 – Evolving Data Quality

June 30, 2011 by
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Just got back from the Data Governance and Data Quality conference in San Diego, and here are some quick reflections:

1) It is good to see a lot of case studies. While I don’t always agree with the approaches that different people take, I do appreciate that there are a lot of companies and other kinds of organizations are taking the initiative, trying out ideas, and sharing their results (both positive and negative).

2) Data governance seems to be increasing in visibility at the business level. A number of talks focused on the alignment with the business side and the recognition of business value. Nice numbers from both Dan Hartley’s (from ConAgra) keynote and the Sallie Mae award keynote.

3) Great magicians at the Monday evening receptions. Noted: flawless passes by Jamy Ian Swiss

4) I was briefed on some new areas of functionality from the Data Governance Director product from Kalido, which continues to evolve under the watchful eye of Kalido CTO Winston Chen.

5) Data quality is continuing to move in house – lots of practitioners in attendance.

6) I had an interesting hallway conversation about data testing, which is a task we did with a few clients about 2 years ago. A fertile area of opportunity, since few organizations even consider data testing, let alone the many potential permutations of possible problems (like the alliteration?)

7) Shame on those consultants who felt compelled to interrupt other people’s talks with their own self-promoting comments. Let others share their experiences; at least save your questions for the end.

8) Hopefully next event will have some more discussion of hot topics like social media and big data.

9) Thanks to Wilshire conferences, DebTech, and IAIDQ for putting on a great event.


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