Cloud Computing and Data Security

July 1, 2011 by
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At the recent DGIQ (Data Governance and Information Quality) conference, I had the opportunity to chat with Ian Rowlands, Senior Director of Strategy at ASG about historical trends in computing. In particular, we discussed how concepts such as centralization and distribution have come into and then out of vogue, as I pointed out that the new trend towards the “cloud” was essentially a re-boot of the old concept of time sharing on a mainframe.

Ian shared a thought that I found interesting: while many people fear cloud computing in terms of data protection, he suggested that cloud computing might add significantly more protection to sensitive data. With the plethora of mobile devices, thumb drives, laptops, and other “mobile media,” the chances of exposing data through loss, theft, or general clumsiness are pretty high. On the other hand, if your data is ensconced behind some cloud firewall, at least you have eliminated physical acquisition as a means of data breach.

I would hope that the move toward cloud data management might actually improve some other aspects of mobility as well, such as allowing for a virtual desktop that follows you without having to drag around a heavy laptop. I think that would actually be pretty good, except for the constraint of needing an internet connection to get anything done. Until there is generally available sky-wi-fi, that would limit my productivity on an airplane.


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