What is an Information Strategy?

January 2, 2014 by
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I am assembling some presentations for a client on information strategy and thought it it might be interesting to share some of those thoughts as I develop my materials. This post provides a framing definition of information strategy.

A strategy is a plan and set of policies intended to help achieve specific objectives. An information strategy elucidates the way that principles for information use across the organization will help the organization achieve its intended goals. That information strategy spans all aspects of the information lifecycle, including acquisition, management, accessibility, sharing, and disposition in a way that satisfies all information consumer requirements.

  • A description of the goals and objectives for information use in ways that are aligned with the corporate strategy.
  • Information policies governing information use.
  • Information architecture with models, metadata, and business rules that map to the corporate enterprise architecture.
  • Methods for assessing current and future information demands, needs, and requirements.
  • Processes and procedures for managing information.
  • Technical architecture that enables the utilization of the information architecture.
  • Methodology for evaluating the suitability of information management solutions within the context of the organization.
  • Plan for implementation and operationalization of these policies, processes, procedures, and components.
  • Program management to oversee the productionalization.

In my upcoming posts I will explore some aspects of each of these


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