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Business Goals for Information Policies : The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement

Business Goals for Information Policies

January 3, 2014 by
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Data governance is a practice for ensuring that policies about information acquisition, use, protection, and disposition are defined, approved, and importantly, observed across the organization. Information policies are defined in relation to business policies and must be aligned with the corporate mission.

We can consider a variety of areas that are to be governed by policies, including:

  • Organizational data architecture standards
  • Reference data and standardized business terminology
  • Protection of private information and management of security and access control
  • Ensuring levels of data quality acceptability
  • Providing access to a unified view of shared master data
  • Enabling business intelligence, reporting, and analytics
  • Integrating information use into the application production process
  • Aligning information use with business processes
  • Information sharing and data exchange
  • Overseeing the evaluation, acquisition, and deployment of information management technologies

Data governance is a practice that frames information use along these dimensions and guides the key stakeholders in program management and development of the policies and standards and corresponding processes.


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