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Data Quality Assessment : The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement

Data Quality Assessment

Is “bad data” affecting your business? Are there gaps in linking data quality to your business performance objectives? Knowledge Integrity can help.

The absence of clearly defined measurements to demonstrate how business impacts are attributable to erred data prevents developing an appropriate business case for introducing data quality management improvement. When resources are allocated to correcting “bad data” without being able to evaluate the root causes there is no ability to objectively evaluate the relationship between poor data quality and business performance. This suggests a need for an approach that can quickly identify high priority data issues whose remediation can be justified.

Knowledge Integrity’s rapid data quality assessment will meet this need. Relying on our many years of experience in data quality analysis techniques, Knowledge Integrity analysts can execute a rapid data quality assessment as well as provide training and knowledge transfer, with an agile schedule that can be adapted to best suit your organization’s needs. Our Data Quality Assessment Report

  • Describes and prioritizes clearly identified data quality issues,
  • Provides recommendations for remediation, and
  • Suggests methods for instituting data quality inspection and control for data quality monitoring.

More importantly, our analysts will provide templates and train your team members so that they can perform the rapid data quality assessment on subsequent data sets.

Interested? We can provide more details about the service and pricing. Contact:

David Loshin

(301) 754-6350