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analysis : The Practitioner's Guide to Data Quality Improvement

Download Updated Version of “The Analytics Revolution”

I recently updated a white paper I did for IBM called “The Analytics Revolution – Optimizing Reporting and Analytics to Make Actionable Intelligence Pervasive.” Click here to download this revised masterpiece.

Reports of Data Quality’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated

This recent article about analytics suggests that IT executives worry too much about data quality. However, the provocative headline (well, at least provocative to me) is a conclusion drawn out of survey results, and that interpretation may reflect some flawed thinking.
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Data Quantization: Transformations for Analysis

February 9, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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We are defining a high level process flow for data preparation for data mining and analysis. One of the objectives is to use undirected data mining to identify the variables that are most suitable for classification. The idea is that if there are specific characteristics that distinguish what we have identified as “good customers,” then we can look for similar characteristics in other customers and see if they can be transitioned into the “good customer” category. Therefore, we are looking for discriminating variables and their corresponding value sets.
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