Questions About the “Cost of Poor Data Quality”

July 25, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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I was reading through one of Jim Harris’s blog entries about the his reinterpretation of Pascal’s wager in terms of data quality, and the posting made reference to an email he had received from Gordon Hamilton about the estimated costs of poor information quality. I noted Richard Ordowich’s comments from the Linkedin group were incorporated regarding the claims that 15-45% of the operating expense of virtually all organizations is WASTED due to data quality issues and thought I’d spend a little bit of time investigating the origins of some of these numbers.

So I thought it would be worth exploring the sources for some of the more popular claims about the costs of poor data quality.

But just in case you are interested, I spend a lot of time in my book talking about assessing the real opportunities for increased value from data quality improvement.

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