I Know You’re in There…

May 17, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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Sorry for the long hiatus – travel has gotten the best of me. But I have been thinking a lot about an issue and thought it would be worth sharing: predictability of errors.

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Multiple Data Touch Points

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Coincidentally, similar issues came up with different clients over the last week or so, focusing on ensuring the quality of elements of a specific data domain. In both environments information flowed from a number of source systems in the organization, usually starting with some customer-facing process, and in other cases, with data feeds coming from external sources. But what was obvious was that as these different systems have come on line, there had been little documentation of how the processes acquired, read, or modified the data. As a result, when an error occurred, it manifested itself in a downstream application, and it took a long time to figure out where the error occurred and how it was related to the negative impact(s).
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Data Validation, Data Validity Codes, and Mutual Exclusion

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This morning I was looking at a spreadsheet documenting data validation scores for a number of data sets at a particular client. The report provided basic measures of quality based on validity and completeness rules applied to a variety of largely location-oriented data elements. What I found interesting was that the coding formula for the error codes incorporated a degree of ambiguity.
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