Institutionalized Entity Identification Problems

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It has been a while since I posted an entry – mostly signs of “busy-ness” in trying to wrap up projects before the end of the year. However, I did have an interesting experience recently with one of our customers, with whom we are working on developing a best practices guide for data governance.

For this customer, I was being provided with badge access to be able to get in and out of the building, and we had an appointment with security to have the badge created (as well as a bunch of other security-type things). As some of you might know, I never use my first name, but go by my middle name, David. However, since my driver’s license has my full name on it, I was told that my badge would have my real first name (“Howard”) on it, and if I needed to contact security for any reason, I would need to give them my real first name (which I *never* use). Read more

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I have a friend in the neighborhood, and coincidentally he shares a name with another person who also lives in our neighborhood. As a joke, while I refer to my friend by his name (say for argument’s sake it is “Arnie Hollingsworth”), I refer to the other guy as “The Other Arnie Hollingsworth.”

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Business-Oriented MDM: An Experimental Workshop Idea

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I have been participating in a series of events sponsored by DataFlux on strategies for long-term success for enterprise master data management projects. We are about halfway through the series, and so far I have noticed two common threads among the questions posed by the attendees. The first thread involves justifying the value of MDM knowing that there is significant upfront effort that might not lead to the commonly-noted benefits. The second is about herding the business managers together to have them discuss (and hopefully agree) about the impacts of replicated records and inconsistent semantics.

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Master Data – Limiting the Scope

A few months back I shared a post about proper scoping of a master data management activity to focus specifically on a smaller subset of business activities that (a) are impacted by the absence of a unified view of data or (b) can be measurably improved through the facilitation of a unified view of data. Part of the actualization of that unified view involves selecting the right business activities and then getting a better understanding of the data needs of those business activities.

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Do They Read the Books They Publish?

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As an author, I get royalty payments for each of the books that I have written (actually, I get royalties when people actually buy the books). And twice a year, I get a statement that details the accounting for the book sales (accompanied by a check for a relatively small amount of money – buy more books!). Since I am prolific and have written a number of books, my royalty statement lists each book in each publication format (e.g., print vs. electronic), the amount of sales, and what my royalty amount is.

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